Thursday, January 7, 2016

Life's Roller-Coaster Ride

I've had another little late night epiphany floating around in my head, keeping me from sleep...

So earlier I was watching that movie The Words w/ Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde, Dennis Quaid, Jeremy Irons & friends, thinking how it's actually getting annoying how easily I can guess plot lines now. I enjoyed the movie, it was fine.  I just "get it" too quickly. I still feel their feels and journey... it's just easier...
Supposed thrillers/twisty-turny movies are easily predictable to me now, where I can't enjoy a good surprise plot twist, unless it's so unexpected is illogical...

Wtf is happening to me.
Even I feel annoyed by me just reading that.

--But seriously though...I'm realizing it's because of the fact that I've experienced, on a very personal level, an extremely complex range of the capabilities of human emotions.
I understand the dark character struggles, the inner battles... the pain, the suffering,  the darker stuff that makes complex characters so interesting....
I feel strong empathy, & connect with characters too, even they experience the highest moments of elation & a whirlwind of all the happy-sappy-lovey feels...


up... down.... in between... side winding paths of confusion & destructive chaos, healing, self-growth, the pain & suffering,  but healing begins again... life's roller-coaster. . .

Up, down & around we go on life's roller-coaster ride.

I get it now.
I get & can relate to a wide spectrum of character types now..

it's another small epiphany I keep having watching shows, movies, etc...I see it all across multiple platforms...
And I get it.
I know it all to well. 

I obviously have an incredible amount to learn, but my world & range keeps getting bigger.  It's so much bigger than my younger self ever believed she could fathom.

I learn & change into a new person everyday...and so do you.
We're never the same exact person each day we wake up....
Formed & shaped by the previous day's events & their effect they had on us as we process them (or don't process them & choose an unhealthy repression, but that's a whooollleee other post).

 You're constantly adapting, learning & hopefully becoming a better you than the day before.  That's the only person you should ever compare yourself to....
Your past self. 
And strive to be better than them. 

Didn't go well today?
Try again tomorrow. 

Keep learning.
Keep growing.

With love,

Aka +LadyPeters

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