Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to Make a Quick & Healthy Smoothie | Drink to Your Health!

"Treat your body as if it belongs to someone you love"
I make these smoothies every day! I can't really eat much these days, loss of appetite...but this is how I CAN get my nutrients & protein in my body because otherwise I really worry about nutrition... for now this works.. I usually add flax meal, forgot today in my rush...⏰

I started with hydrated Chia Seeds that I set overnight in the fridge to plump up...
I usually add strawberries too...
I love my #MagicBullet blender, it makes the small portions I can handle, otherwise I get too full to fast and cross the line into extreme nausea too quickly (long story...)

... it's super quick so I can take it on the go and drink it on the way to work! Super quick, easy and nutritious!

○1-2 Tbs. Chia seeds (set in water to hydrate over night)
○1 Banana
○FROZEN FRUITS (whatever you like)
○Protein Powder
○can also do:: Spinach/Kale (frozen)

Enjoy, & drink to your health!
Remember : Treat your body as if it belongs to someone you love....you only get one body forever... & it's not a wastebasket! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Faux Hawk Braid : Dutch Braiding with an Edge

Faux Hawk Braid : Dutch Braiding with an Edge

Hello Dolls!

Last Friday night, we went out to see comedian Iliza Schlesinger for her Chicago show. I wanted to do something different than my normal hair twist into waves (see the no-heat tutorial here on the blog) and not just a blowout for straight hair...so I tried a Faux Hawk Braid and LOVED IT!

It was easier than I thought, and I have been obsessed with Dutch Braids lately, I love how 3 dimensional they look as they "pop-up" more than just a French braid.

EDIT/UPDATE::--Video tutorial NOW UP on my YouTube channel on got I got theverything Dutch Braid for this look!--

How I did it:

1. First I sprayed some dry shampoo to give it more texture to work with so it's not too smooth & slippy

2. Made the voluminous bump in the front with some light back combing & pinned securely.

3. Started braiding the Dutch braid aka an "inverted braid" because you weave the pieces opposite of a French braid.

--Tip: still braid it TIGHTLY, the loosening and "pancaking" will come at the end--
If you have shorter or fine hair, you can add extentions for leg the or volume, but I have REALLY thick hair with substantial length so this is all my real hair.

4. Braid all the way to the end & secure with a clear elastic band.

5. Vertically pin the sides of the braid to hold it in place.

6. PANCAKE! Pancaking a Dutch braid refers to the process of flattening/pulling on the braid to add volume and it looks awesome the more you pancake! I would even pancake MORE the next time I did it!
Honestly, as I was pulling out and expanding my inverted braid, I really thought I was doing a lot of pancaking... but looking back at pictures now, I think I could do even MORE!

Final step: hair spray like cray, and comb flat on the sides for more edgy contrast!

I want to see your pictures of your awesome Faux Hawk Braids! Hashtag #ladypetershair & send them to me instagram @ladypeters and Twitter @ladypetersa !

Happy braiding!