Sunday, April 23, 2017

MY FIRST TRACK DAY | Autobahn Country Club North Course| LadyPeters

WEEKI WACHEE SNORKEL & MERMAID VLOGS *deaf friendly w/captions!* | LadyPeters

OMG I had a blast at Weeki Wachee!! Here's part 1: , the snorkeling adventure! *deaf friendly w/ captions!!*

Don't forget to watch part 2: with the amazing, world famous, real live MERMAIDS performing at Weeki Wachee Springs​ here in Florida!!!

Sorry I've been off loving the mermaid life. Literally swimming with mermaids!!
 Watch to see my mer friends at @weekiwacheesprings & snorkeling w/ all our pescado pals! *Deaf friendly video!* (pardon my rudimentary ASL but I love it!  Just a beginner student, here)
Fam! How cool is it that my husband & I can completely carry conversations while snorkeling?! Sign Language is amazing!

SheaMoisture​ 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration skin & hair care line have really had my back this entire week+ vacation. Seriously all day spent under the Floridian sun, in the sea, at the end of the day I look forward to my cleansing shower to get the day off and HYDRATE my skin back up w/ their Hydration line. My favorite has been the very last touch of their Coconut Oil Night Oil Serum... feels like the perfect touch of luxury after a looooong day adventuring in the sun!

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WEEKI WACHEE MERMAIDS VLOG pt. 2 | Adventures w/Ashley| LadyPeters

WEEKI WACHEE SNORKEL VLOG pt. 1 *deaf friendly w/captions!* | LadyPeters

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Unboxing Shea Moisture Coconut Oil Daily Hydration line! #SheaBassador | LadyPeters

*Unboxing sneak peek!* SO EXCITED to try SheaMoisture's Coconut Oil line to mega hydrate the skin & hair!!! Perfs for me & my momma tonight who just flew across the country to come stay with me! This line packed with Coconut Oil nutrients is so totes perfs for post-traveling skin & after a great day at the beach! Has an amazingly tropical smell, I wish this had Smell-o-Vision!

I've just tried the luxurious 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Face Milk Cleanser, and followed up with the African Black Soap facial toner & finished w/ the beautifully smooth & calming Dragon's Blood moisturizer (from last month's new line)!
I am loving these new product lines!!

Stay tuned fam! This is just a sneak peek!!

Can't wait to share new, exciting upcoming developments, with y'all stay tuned!!

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