Monday, December 9, 2013

Exciting NEWS! I was on National TV! Start Seeing Me On NBC & ABC shows! *Featuring behind-the-scenes secrets!*

If you watch Chicago Fire, you may have already seen me twice! Once next to Shay (literally RIGHT on her RIGHT, bumping elbows, and we even got to chat in between takes!) in a bar scene, at the end of the episode on season 2 episode 5 "A Power Move". Character Leslie Elizabeth Shay is played by Lauren German (a Paramedic on Ambulance No. 61 at Firehouse 51 on NBC's "Chicago Fire").  She is such a cool, sweet & down to Earth girl in real life, it was so cool to be working with her! *Ahhh inside I was fan-girling real hard, like no body's business*, and you can catch my blonde hair bouncing in the Lesbian bar scene and see my left hand driving a "beer" (it's just filled with tap water, haha behind-the-scenes secrets!) You'll just have to start watching the show to see me! :-P

Here is my look for the lesbian bar scene! Crazy tight security, had to wear ID badges & everything! *yes did my own hair and makeup that morning!* :

A few weeks later, both my husband and I got cast for NBC's Chicago Fire's Black-Tie Formal Gala scene and we even had to have separate wardrobe fittings!  The hubbs was fitted for a very handsome tux (for free, even get paid for this extra wardrobe fitting), and I brought a few gowns down to try, and if they don't like what you bring, they have you wear one of their costume department's dresses.  They ended up choosing what I hoped they would pick, which was a GORGEOUS black chiffon floor length dress with sweetheart neckline that I wore in my friend's wedding!
Here are some photos during my wardrobe fitting at Chicago Fire's wardrobe space (you can see the different options they had for me, but ultimately ended up choosing my favorite!! and even did some FREE Alterations I needed to the dress!!!!) They went back-and-forth on decided between the black dress and my fuschia high-low dress which that dress has already been filmed on BOTH ABC's new drama "Mind Games" premiering March 8, 2014 and also for an engagement party scene for NBC's new show "Chicago PD" premiering January 8, 2014 which is a spin off show from the police department on Chicago Fire (you'll see me in several episodes of BOTH those new shows too!):

Here is me being sneaky during my fitting for my Specialty Role in the Wardrobe Trailer for
 ABC's new drama "Mind Games" premiering March 8, 2014

Here is a behind-the-scenes shot of some new gals I made friends with on 
NBC's new show "Chicago PD" premiering January 8, 2014
More Chicago PD day looks:

For some touch ups, here I was in hair-and-makeup for NBC's Chicago PD:

OK ... Back to being on NBC's "Chicago Fire"...

Here is my end look with the hubbs (hair and makeup all done by myself, even gave some on set a few pointers and tips for how I create this look!  As an ametuer Make Up Artist & Hairstylist I am always creating my own looks on set, and assist with other girls so they can bring out their natural beauty with just a few swipes of product in just the right places!

Mena Suvari Instagrammed this, and you can see us in the background! Haha we then began writing each other back and forth in the comments section, gah Mena is SUCH a cool girl!!! Love her!!

and below here are a few screenshots of us "leaving the gala" and my handsome and ever helpful husband assisting my in putting my outdoor coat on, you can see us right next to "Isabella" and "Peter Mills" played by Mena Suvari and Charlie Barnett (both of whom were super chill and cool people to chat with!!! *insert fan girl moment here*:

Oh my goodness it was a super fun day of shooting!  We were in the coffee stand scene too down by the river and Chicago's Marina Towers, but you can only partially see us, but it was still an amazing experience!  I am having SO much fun, everyone has been so nice, all the production people, the wardrobe people, EVERYONE has been FANTASTIC!  This has been such a great opportunity, and I can't wait to do more! 

If you want to watch our few-seconds-of-fame click HERE for the video clip!

Start watching these shows and you'll start to see me on your TV! :)

Oh you'll also see me in the "midseason" of new shows in 2014 on NBC's new drama "Crisis" a sort of a hostage/political thriller drama, here are some behind-the-scenes shots from that TV show!

Keep an eye out for me popping into your living room TV the next several months! Don't forget to tune in and watch NBC's "Chicago Fire", "Chicago PD", "Crisis" and ABC's "Mind Games" !

...and if you want to learn how to do hairstyles and makeup looks so good that the hair & makeup ladies on the set of BIG TV shows ask me "how do you do it?!" go to my youtube channel and watch how it's done! & Don't forget to subscribe for more!

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