Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Adventures in Chicagoland: Yelp Elite Events!

I am excited to announce that I have been chosen to be an Elite members of the Yelp Chicago Suburbs squad!  Not only have I been inducted into this stellar group, my husband has been as well! Now we both have this amazing opportunity to do this together!

 So what does this mean you ask?  Well so far, we have had the chance to meet great new people who share the same interests, have had the ability to attend different elite events and give them our honest reviews!  We have been having a blast, and the people we've met are so great, it makes me wonder why I had not figured out this secret before?!

Our first ever event was a classy "Mad Men" style soiree at the steakhouse: Eddie Merlot's in Burr Ridge 

Here is the video promo for it, you can see me awkwardly eating on camera @ the 2:40 mark... lol!

My ever Handsome Husband sportin' some Yelp Swag:

Another fun event we went to was "Yelp's Late Night Sushi Social @ RA Sushi" and you can read about our fun party, and my review by clicking here:

Here is the video promo for it, you can see me awkwardly eating edamame on camera @ the 0:49 mark... lol!

Look out for more fun Elite Event Parties, I'll share them with you as they happen!

EDIT: Update: I was just featured on restaurant "J.Alexander's" menu site: 

Thanks for stopping by! :)

XOXO Lady Peters

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