Wednesday, January 22, 2014

*New Hair* OMG I am Passionately in Love With My Red - Blonde Ombre

I did it!!!

I have been wanting this with a fiery passion lately, and I absolutely DID IT!
I was sifting through hundreds of bright red photos on Google image search, and on Pinterest, and even created myself a new board JUST for this new look, you can find that here (click that... go ahead.. get some inspiration...)

So without further delay, here are some photos of my new look! What do you think?!

(sidebar: I will posted a YouTube tutorial on my channel for how I got the easy no-heat waves in my "before" picture.. I seriously do it like everyday!)


Many thanks to Marie (click the link to see her fan page) from the Aveda I went to! I am absolutely, totally in looove with my new look, I freaking LOVE this new Bright Red Blonde Ombre look, and we didn't have to lift or tone the blonde I already had at all, just had to deposit the bright red color, so it wasn't as horribly damaging as I thought it could possibly be!  I am huge on keepin my hair exposed to minimal damage.. ie I rarely.. RARELY blow dry or use any heat products on my hair.. I only wash it ever 4-7 days so my natural oils keep my hair healthy, healthy healthy! Because I am growing my hair out EVEN LONGER!  It has taken me about 2.5 years (OMG) to get back to the length I had before my wedding, because after the wedding I did the infamous "Wife Chop" and donated 11"+ for Locks of Love!  Crazy!  My hair grows roughly about 1/2" a month, which I think is roughly normal?  But with getting trims too, it's still taken me awhile... but by keeping the heat and damage to a minimum before, helped me get all that length back, and shiny!

If you are interested in a similar look, and in the Chicago area, I would happily refer you to Marie!  She is super stellar, and if you wander over to her on your own, tell her I sent ya!

Let me know what you think, Dolls :) 
Do you like the blonde ombre before, or this new red blonde ombre ? 

Thanks for stopping by! :)
XOXO Lady Peters

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