Sunday, November 17, 2013

Making Magic Bullet Smoothies Part 2! *Monkey Mocha*

Hello all & welcome back to my kitchen!

I recently posted my morning smoothie routine of the fruit variety that I make almost every morning with my Magic Bullet.  You can read about it and watch the video here & here.

After I make that initial smoothie (seen in video above), I sometimes make myself a "Monkey Mocha" (seen in video below) instead of spending upwards of $5 at coffee shop.  The process starts briefly the night before...

  • First, freeze your favorite coffee in an ice cube tray the evening prior.  I do this because then I don't have to add hot coffee, then water it down it ice cubes the same morning. Same reason I use frozen fruit in my smoothies, it adds the chill & the crunch like ice cubes, without watering it down.
  • Then on the morning of making the monkey mocha, I peel a banana, throw that in...
  • For the coffee just pull the frozen coffee cubes from the freezer... pop those out of the tray and into my blender cup.
  • Finally just fill it up with whatever chocolatey drink you'd like... or perhaps almond milk with some cacao powder (I do this too, I switch it up every once in awhile)
  • Blend it up and presto! You have a yummy chocolatey-banana flavored mocha drink! Leaves you with a bit more $change$ in your pocket from not driving to the coffee shop & dumping your money there, and time from driving and waiting in line, when you can just have your own custom creation in seconds at home!


Get creative with it and leave me comments below letting me know what other variations on this you like to make at home!

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p.s.- I was not given a Magic Bullet or told to promote it by anyone... It is my own personal one, no paid promotion or anything... This is genuinely what I do in the mornings! Enjoy! :)

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