Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gettin' Quirky Wit' It:: Makin' Smoothies in the Morning... ♫ This is How We Do It...♪

♫ I'm Quirky and I Know it! ♫ 
(Sing like ♫" I'm Sexy and I Know It " by LMFAO)

Yeah I admitedly get a little weird in the mornings, I'm still like 1/2 asleep... so come make a smoothie with my weird self, I am by no means sponsored by or promoting the "Magic Bullet" Brand, purchased privately and I just am enjoying using it for it's convenience! This is the combo I like to make my smoothies in recently... IF the containers were a bit bigger, I would totally add some rolled oats in that bad boy and blend it up real nice for a delish and filling breakfast!

Here's what I used:
+Strawberries (frozen so I don't have to ADD ice and water it down)
+Blueberries (frozen so I don't have to ADD ice and water it down)
+Flaxseed Meal
+Chia Seeds (they hydrate and swell up a bit with fluid and then cling to the toxins in your body and then leave your body, toxins stuck to them and all!)
+Cacao Powder (no this is not just like cocoa powder for cooking, it's some sort of raw creation from Whole Foods that has a bunch of nutrients in it and it tastes chocolatey!)
+Almond Milk

Of course put your own spin on it and add/remove to make it to your liking!


Get creatively weird with it!

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