Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shea Moisture :: Crucial Staple in having Healthy Hair & Skin | LadyPeters

You should see my plethora of all my #SheaMoisture at my home-home..😍this just my 2nd casa stash! Mom & I always stock da haus! Shea is top notch for everything hair, face & skin care!! I'm not sponsored, or paid to say this fam, I am truly a deep believer in this stuff. 🎉 See that haul? We bought all that and it's all GOOD for the health of your hair and skin (they even do makeup now!)
Fam, you're always asking me for healthy hair tips, well here's where you start (also see more healthy hair tips video on my YT channel, scroll to the bottom of this post to see)! SheaMoisture is how I've maintained my healthy hair for all the hair modeling for years! No sulfates! No Silicones! No parabens! NO JUNK!!!! Totally Vegan& Cruelty Free!

Just do yourself a favor, go to basically any drugstore (Walgreens has good deals, Target, Ulta Beauty--coupons work for it!!), browse their Shea Moisture & grab anything from any line of theirs to address your needs. You can thank me later, BBs😘

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