Friday, May 13, 2016

Carve Your Own Path

Just some thoughts tonight...
I know this is not the traditional sense for being a professional makeup artist/hairstylist, and it doesn't fit into a perfect "box" or "title" but in a way I kind of am. I am just not in the traditional makeup counter sense, or behind the hairstylist chair in a salon... I don't really have interest in that path...I have ALL the respect for those formally trained in the classic way and who's passion this is, I am not meaning anything towards those career paths at all, everyone has to carve their own path, and right now this is what I am passionate about <3
I am completely self-taught and I believe it's empowering to take on educating yourself in whatever you're passionate about <3 and now I am turning that into teaching moments (fun fact: my formal education/college degree is actually in professional education), focusing currently on hair styles, healthy hair, and makeup techniques (both basic and super fun glam!) and reaching people across the world with my videos, blog & posts.
I get asked all the time how I do different styles, and I'm all about educating anyone who is willing to learn! Even when I do brides/bridesmaids/special event makeup on people, I put a mirror in their hand and try to teach them what/why/how I am doing am doing each step, so they can do it themselves whenever they want <3 Whether they want to look extra special for a date night, an event, or just themselves, because it's all about having fun in this art, and you do you, my friend... express yourself however natural or deliciously glam you are feeling that day,
that moment <3
I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm loving, sharing my knowledge and expanding my own in the process :-D
I just finished editing a cliff-notes-version video (a longer part 2 coming) on healthy hair practices with some REALLY eye opening truths I have been discovering, and I urge every woman (and men too! EVERYONE) to watch it, it's got some life-changing truths in there, that I now feel LIED to the past decade or so when I thought I knew full well on how to have the healthiest hair. I can't wait to share it with you guys <3 I'm uploading it tonight to my channel! Subscribe now so you don't miss out on all the awesomeness coming soon!!

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