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Rainbow Hair Journey & No Heat Curls

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πŸ“·Hair style/makeup/photo :: @ladypeters
🎨Hair colorist hand painter :: @brooke_illustrations
🌈Hair Color:: @arcticfoxhaircolor 


πŸ‘‰"RAINBOW HAIR Journey"video🎬 (--aka prep for how I got to this point from years of layers of both oxidative dye and direct dyes, to blonde to rainbow) coming ASAP to my channel πŸŽ¬

Pictures just don't do it JUSTICE!πŸŽ₯
You gotta see it MOVE,the colors are so dimensional! πŸ˜

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All this was done with Arctic Fox Hair Color which I am OBSESSED with because it doesn't bleed like Pravana always did (even with freezing cold water washes. And zero sulfates) NOTHING is as solidly pigmented & stays as pigmented for as long as Arctic Fox does!
I used to use that (*cough, Pravana *cough*) horribly popular brand that bled on EVERYTHING! 

 It was constant heartbreak before Arctic Fox came into my life... All that wastefully expensive color, constantly transferring onto everything & anything it touches, dry or wet... like the evil twin of King Midas... but of leaky hair color.. it was incredibly disappointing....
Then about a year ago I discovered the deliciously pigmented Arctic Fox Hair Color and never looked back. 

I was stunned... and HOOKED from watching my cold water rinses near-clear water and my vibrant color LOCKED-IN! 

 You guys, I can enjoy my WHITE pillows & bedding one again,  without fear! You KNOW what I'm taking about if you've got colored hair, and switching to Arctic Fox was life changing. I am so over-the-moon ecstatically excited about this product, I'm genuinely pumped to tell each and every person who asks me about it! 

If you have been strolling the posts, but haven't committed yet...


Do it, try it, you will fall in love like I did

Go... live out your rainbow dreams, my mermaid/unicorn/fairy friends! 

Make those creatively colorful dreams a reality with the stellarly pigmented Arctic Fox Hair Color 

I am not sponsored nor is this an AD, this is my own true, personal experience with Arctic Fox Color, it is far superior to any Semi- Permanent or Direct Dye out there.  I absolutely love it!

Info quoted from their website to tell you of their awesomeness as a company:
Arctic Fox Hair Color is cruelty-free, semi-permanent hair dye that is made only from vegan ingredients.

  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Non-GMO Protein
  • Long-Lasting Color
  • Added Conditioner 
  • No Peroxide or Ammonia
  • PPD Free 
  • Bleeds and Smears less
  • Made in the USA
Arctic Fox Colors I used:
Top Layer (Sunset) {& Bottom nape section is the same, just w/o purples}
Purple Rain
Violet Dream (Magentay- Purple--warmer tone than Purple Rain)

Ocean Colors (mid section- see video for placement)
Poseidon (Blue)
Neon Moon (greenish-yellow *UV REACTIVE! Glows in the DARK!*)

If you haven't tried it yet, here is a coupon too for all y'all!
What are you waiting for?:
Arctic Fox Coupon / Arctic Fox Promo Code: 

πŸ’Wanna learn how I get these wavy curls with no heat and in mere minutes of effort? Head over to my YT channel to see what tens of thousands of people have learned & it's EASIER than braiding!πŸ™†


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