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Hello lovlies!

I've made the switch to the beautifully & strongly-pigmented Arctic Fox hair color line, and I LOVE how they are a completely Vegan & Cruelty-Free company, that even donates 15% of profits to prevent animal abuse! They also have an added beautiful conditioner that leaves your hair silky and smelling grapealicious! 
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I used to use that horribly popular brand  which that bled on EVERYTHING!

 It was constant heartbreak before Arctic Fox came into my life... All that wastefully expensive color, constantly transferring onto everything & anything it touches, dry or wet... like the evil twin of King Midas... but of leaky hair color.. it was incredibly disappointing....
Then I discovered the deliciously pigmented Arctic Fox Hair Color and never looked back. 

I was stunned... and HOOKED from watching my cold water rinses near-clear water and my vibrant color LOCKED-IN! 

 You guys, I can enjoy my WHITE pillows & bedding one again,  without fear! You KNOW what I'm taking about if you've got colored hair, and switching to Arctic Fox was life changing. I am so over-the-moon ecstatically excited about this product, I'm genuinely pumped to tell each and every person who asks me about it! 

If you have been strolling the posts, but haven't committed yet...


Do it, try it, you will fall in love like I did

Go... live out your rainbow dreams, my mermaid/unicorn/fairy friends! 

Make those creatively colorful dreams a reality with the stellarly pigmented Arctic Fox Hair Color 

I am not sponsored nor is this an AD, this is my own true, personal experience with Arctic Fox Color, it is far superior to any Semi- Permanent or Direct Dye out there.  I absolutely love it!



These are pix of my new Arctic Fox hair color in Violet Dream!!
{{See more on my Instagram @ladypeters & also check out @arcticfoxhaircolor on IG, I have been featured a few times on their page as well! }}

How I did it:: (Disclaimer: I am not a professional)
The color you see on my hair is not completely true to color from the bottle because I did NO PRE-LIGHTENING or BEACHING to lift my previous Pravana Red+Magenta that was already faded... abs that is OK, that is what I wanted.
● I just did several HOT water washes with SULFATE shampoo (only use sulfate shampoos when you DO want color fading) as prep to fade naturally my hair as much as I could with minimal damage. I really did NOT want to use any bleach at all.
I like my old red, but I wanted a change and adding Violet Dream over it, was just the hue I was looking for.
(If you are looking for a brighter, true-to-color from the bottle, I suggest you do some sort of pre-lightening process professionally, but I am not a professional, this is just what I have done and my own experience...I am not a professional, this is my disclaimer)

I LOVE how different lighting pulls out the different purpley & magentay tones in my new color that I put over my faded base of Pravana Red + Magenta.

I freaking love it!!

I'm so glad I did this!!
Just the new change up I needed!

In real life it looks even more cool blue purpley, the natural sunlight brings out crazy vibrant hues!!

Thank you Kristen Leanne for convincing me to make the switch to ArcticFox hair color!!

And finally my dolls, remember...
Life is too short to have boring hair!!!

-- I am not sponsored by them or anything like that, these are my honest enlightened opinions.--

Our Fox of the Year winner @ladypeters is absolute perfection! 
Posted by Arctic Fox Hair Color on Monday, April 4, 2016

Want to know the secret to gorgeously healthy rainbow vivids? I will tell you, after experiencing disappointing results for years with other big names, I have discovered my all time fav hair color brand:: Arctic Fox Hair Color! COLOR DEETS: The purple at my roots is purely undiluted Purple Rain, then the midshaft is a blend of Purple Rain & Virgin Pink, and the tips are Virgin Pink!
That's only on the top section from the temples up & crown up in back! The underside is all blues & teals!I have a video on my youtube channel, and it was also featured on Arctic Fox Hair Color 's YT channel on how I got my original rainbow, and you can see the undersection a bit better  :)
* I just changed the top layer where you see the purples & pinks * 
Head on over to see the speedy rainbow magic!🌈
More on my Instagram: @ladypeters

To get your own supply & get your custom rainbow creativity flowing, here is a special Arctic Fox promo coupon code for us, fam, for your Arctic Fox purchase! *honestly, I am not affiliated/sponsored in any way, although I would LOVE that opportunity shall it ever arise! This is my truthful, personal experience, not a paid sponsorship, this is my own honest experience*
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Stay creative my friends, & dream big!
Ashley <3

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