Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to Make a Quick & Healthy Smoothie | Drink to Your Health!

"Treat your body as if it belongs to someone you love"
I make these smoothies every day! I can't really eat much these days, loss of appetite...but this is how I CAN get my nutrients & protein in my body because otherwise I really worry about nutrition... for now this works.. I usually add flax meal, forgot today in my rush...⏰

I started with hydrated Chia Seeds that I set overnight in the fridge to plump up...
I usually add strawberries too...
I love my #MagicBullet blender, it makes the small portions I can handle, otherwise I get too full to fast and cross the line into extreme nausea too quickly (long story...)

... it's super quick so I can take it on the go and drink it on the way to work! Super quick, easy and nutritious!

○1-2 Tbs. Chia seeds (set in water to hydrate over night)
○1 Banana
○FROZEN FRUITS (whatever you like)
○Protein Powder
○can also do:: Spinach/Kale (frozen)

Enjoy, & drink to your health!
Remember : Treat your body as if it belongs to someone you love....you only get one body forever... & it's not a wastebasket! 

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