Thursday, September 11, 2014

Charity Miles with TeamRWB! #MoveForVeterans!

Today marks the first day of the 60 day #MoveForVeterans challenge, with #CharityMiles, hosted by TeamRWB.

For each mile logged #BenGay will donate & each step brings us closer to reaching our donation goal of $65,000!

Get Moving: Walk or Run and they donate 25 cents per mile! Earn rewards & prizes for different levels reached!

Mission: virtually transfer #OldGlory across the country once a day, every day for the 60 days of the #OldGloryCoasttoCoastRelay!

It's time to come together as one big team and #RunWithGlory!!Join in for free, get your body movin' & help support #TeamRWB in #EnrichingVeteransLives!

We need at least 3,800 people to log in at minimum 1 mile per day, pop over to
download the app right meow!

#Veterans #TeamRedWhiteandBlue #America #neverforget #remember911 #usa

Xoxo, LadyPeters♡

UPDATE/EDIT: More pics from our daily challenge:

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