Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Message to the Depressed

Beautifully said...😥brought heartbreaking tears to my eyes 💔

{{Depression is frightening, but you're never alone.}}
"If I could go back and have one more conversation with him before he did it, this is what I would say:
 'I'm not a miracle worker and I can't promise you much...
what I can do is 
I can wait right here with you, 
until you're ready. 
We can talk all day or I can just sit here and be silent...
We can do whatever you want as long as you know
that when we leave this room
and we re-enter the world,
we're going to do it together,
and I'm not going anywhere.
It doesn't matter what we're doing,
but throughout the duration of you feeling this way,
I'm going to be right here until you feel better..
and when you're ready,
You & I will re-enter the world together, 
Just before you do anything, you let me know.' "

So much truth :'( 
Heartbroken over Robin Williams, and his surviving family :( 
Depression does not discriminate... 
Rest in peace, you were a great man.

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