Thursday, March 13, 2014

You can find me on your TV again :) Now on ABC's new show "Mind Games" starring Christian Slater & Steve Zahn!

My first scene EVER captured on film for national television! 

Recently aired on ABC's new show #MindGames! Episode 102, approx 26min in :) if you actually watch this scene, you can see my newbie self acting as we watched a guy go crashing through a tower of champagne glasses! Authentic reactions because he ACTUALLY crashed through the table... it was messy & intense! 

We filmed this back in like the first week of September last year! You can watch this episode and the next few and see my face acting for the first few times ever captured on film... 

The next scene I shot for this show had a few of us girls stuck in the ladies room with Christian Slater as a trolley full of set equipment was strolling by, lol "so this is how it's going to go down, ladies" he turns to us and says jokingly...
 The few of us blushed and giggled and had a brief fan-girl moment :-P 

I got my TV ready hairstyle look for this scene by doing what I basically do like every night! Psst... I even have my hair twisty up right now as I lie in bed, so my hair is all ready tomorrow in just a few seconds! Click here for the tutorial on my YouTube channel : !

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